In 2011, there were 10 laptops that donate by Chinese donors to provide the computer skill for FKC student to learn and practice for the valuable program as administrative tasks; train; challenge; fun and learn and until now there were more desktops for additional amount of computers for running in class which can engage more students to study and can practice in center. 

At  FKC, there are 2 different courses of computer skill that’ve been provide the skill for student for their life work such as:

Administrative Computer: 
This course will explore uses of technology within education.  Class meetings will include a balance of content instruction, demonstration and student application appropriate for educators of all subject areas start from grade II.  Students will witness troubleshooting scenarios and practice technology problem solving skills.  Students will have daily assessments to determine skill mastery based on presentation of educational practices enhanced by the use of their own techniques. By nowadays the work really needs the administrative skill for labor or personal career. Student spend 6 months to graduate the course that allow them to learn 1 hour and 30 minutes each day  in weekday.. With these courses we designed and presented them for trending of working in the future to know, confident, and encourage to working hard with this.  Student will achieve  4 skills in this course such as:

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Adobe Photoshop

We also provide more skills as maintenance skills for students to work on any solutions  computer  which is the best knowledge and experiences to student for the future working.


Auto CAD Computer
The new AutoCAD course was donated for over 1 year 2016, and a new computer training course commenced in February 2017. Student wanting to increase their computer skills often attend the school days of the week to gain further computer experience, in the past we provided this service to students as a 10 months programme. The students who completed their courses were able to find better jobs and a higher quality improvement in their career.

Having now acquired the services of a professional teacher, the students are now provided with beginner lesson to advanced, and FKC will be providing follow-up services to those who complete the course. We’ll provide a certificate after the course is completed successfully. All skill they can use to design some structure, building of business.
In semester-II 2018 (July-August) for AutoCAD class we have 8 students. We divided into two sections, it means that 4 students in the morning and others 4 in the afternoon, who are keep going on for one month over. This course needs 6 months to complete with three subjects such as:

  • Drawing (Hands drawing)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Google 3D Sketch Up. 

In the computer program, student need to start working from the Administrative computer skill until graduation. After student got the enough knowledge from the skill with typing and design, they can apply to continue to the AutoCAD class to improving the skills.

The student are really enjoy class and study hard all times with computer skill. They try to learn day by day for looking forward for their future.

Unfortunately some of computers have got much issue and  the accessories in class not enough for working on the program which not fully activities for the class doesn’t  running well. 








FKC School

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