Sponsor a child

           For our special education project we have chosen 50 students to get sponsorship for their education until High School (grade 12) in addition to extra education and further support at the FKC school (English class, Dance and music lessons, sewing classes etc.)
          The 50 students have been carefully selected and are hard working and enthusiastic students who come to FKC school every day to learn more  and skill for their future.
          The excel file below lists all the students, a photo and their current status. Click Here

All Students CV
           Due to the different resources needed at different grades, each student comes with a different sponsorship cost. Please check their grade and current living and match it to the table below.

Grade Number of students Cost per student per month Cost per student per year
1 – 6 29 $20 $240
7 – 9 18 $30 $360
10 – 12 8 $40 $480

FKC School

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