Health Care

Cambodia is also a very young country with approximately half of the population under the age of 18 years old and more than 10%  of the population under the age of five. Sadly, almost one in seven Cambodian children will die before their fifth birth day.

The conditions include: neonatal causes (30%) acute respiratory infections and pneumonia 21%), diarrhea (17%), HIV/ AIDS (2%) injuries (2%) Malaria and Dengue fever are of special concern during the rainy season. Malnutrition is a common contributing cause of death among children with 35% of the nation’s children underweight.


For the last 5 years FKC has worked in conjunction with the Flying Doctors of America taking mobile  health clinics to the villages where no proper health care facilities exist, many illnesses would go untreated due to the lack of access to health support. FKC provided all the English speaking interpreters, many of whom were current or ex-students from the education program. FKC organized all logistics and liaised with local Siem Reap authorities to gain access to hospitals so the most needy and urgent medical cases could receive further care and operations.

The 5 year program has now ceased and our Vision is……….


A future project will be the establishment of a medical centre at our head office out of which a health, wellbeing and outreach project will run. Part of the remit will be to visit the outlying villages on a regular basis. Prevalent health problems in the village are infected wounds, tapeworm, salmonella, chronic malnutrition, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, high blood pressure and a high rate of Dengue Fever infection.  Some mothers cannot supply breast milk for their babies due to malnutrition, so nutritious milk formulas are supplied to the neediest. Advice would also offered for family planning and sex education.

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Future of Khmer Children

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