Volunteer FAQ’s

At FKC we warmly welcome volunteers for placements of two weeks or more. Ideally we would be looking at placements from 2 weeks on wards.

If you want to meet us before to discuss volunteering, you are welcome to visit the centre between 8.00 am and 10.00 am, and (2:00-6:00)pm. Monday to Friday. Just contact us before to organize a visit.

As English is the integral part of the curriculum we are always in need of English teaching volunteers. You will work alongside a local Khmer teacher and also be required to plan English activities for the children. Volunteers with backgrounds or experience in mathematics, music or computers are always needed, however at FKC we welcome any volunteer with a passion, commitment and willingness to share your time and experience to help the poor and underprivileged children and families of Cambodia.

1. Is there a fee to volunteer?

FKC is a Not For Profit Organization and relies solely on the generosity of donors to enable our work to continue. As a consequence we encourage a one-off donation of $150.00 per volunteer. The donation will go towards the running costs of the education department and go towards the salaries of the local Khmer teachers.

FKC volunteers also need to buy one or two green t-shirts with FKC logo. This is the uniform of the centre and is required attire. Please notify FKC of your size, and the t-shirts will be ready for you on arrival ($10.00 per shirt)

Please keep in mind you will be volunteering at an NGO school and therefore resources are few and far between, once again we rely on donations, so maybe you have stuff at home you don’t use and could donate to us.

Finally you will have to arrange your own police clearance check and send this to us before you arrive.

2. Accommodation and Meals

Unfortunately, FKC does not have facilities to house volunteers or provide meals during your stay.

All accommodation and food costs are met by the volunteer.

Siem Reap has a large range of accommodation in different price ranges to cater for all budgets ($4+ per night for a private).

Siem Reap also offers a wide range of restaurants and food venues for all tastes and price ranges ($1.50 + for a main meal).

FKC can recommend local guest houses depending on your budgetary needs.

3. Transportation

FKC is located approximately 8kms from Siem Reap town centre.

All transportation to and from the Centre is organized by the volunteer.

Rermork or moto taxis cost from $2-3 one way.

Bicycles can be hired from $1 a day, or cheaper rates can be negotiated for longer stays. This is how most volunteers get to and from school.

4. Hours of work

Children in Cambodia attend school in either the morning or afternoon.

Volunteers are required to work either a morning shift from (7:30-11:00)am or in the afternoon from (1:30-5:00)pm. You can volunteer all day if you want, but we understand that you may want to visit the local sites.

Individual schedules will be arranged with volunteers on arrival.

5. Traveling to Cambodia.

All volunteers are required to organize their own travel arrangements and insurance.

Visas can be obtained prior to arrival, and can also be obtained at any point of entry.

Tourist Visa $30 USD

Business Visa $25 USD (can be extended afterwards for 1, 3 or 6 months, check websites for more info)

6. Visits to local Villages

Visits to local villages can be arranged as part of FKC activities, however volunteers would need to cover the cost of hiring transportation to travel to and from the village or cover gasoline.

Future of Khmer Children

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