About Us

What we do

      The Future of Khmer Children Organization (FKC) school provides free education and primary health care education to children ranging in age from newborn to 20 years old. In addition FKC supports families in rural areas with food supplies and health care. The Future of Khmer Children organization is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
      There are more than 20 staffs at the FKC, 75% of these are Khmer. More than 30 international and national volunteers donate their times and skills each year. FKC school currently offers our students an education, as well as various communities outreach programs. Since opening its doors in 2008 there have been about 150 to 300 children visiting FKC Community School daily.  We have a reputation for providing a high quality standard of education and creating a caring compassionate child-friendly environment. Each year, the number of Cambodian families arriving at FKC to register their children has increased.
       The Children who attend the FKC school for education and the primary health care come from the most part from families from five poor rural communities. Approximately 80% of these families have borrowed money just to pay for the transportation to FKC and arrived here with no food and little belongings.
       Every month, many people come specifically for education and to cure their malnutrition. Others are admitted with different illnesses but malnutrition remains a major big problem for poor families in Cambodia.

Why we do it
         Although there have been improvements in Cambodia over the last few years, much remains to be done. This is caused by the destruction of a very long civil war. Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, thirty five per cent of the population lives below the poverty line, and estimated fifteen percent live in extreme poverty. Poverty levels are highest in rural area s and lowest in urban centers. More than 80 % of Cambodia’s population lives in rural areas. Almost half of the people live without access to an improved water source and nearly 80% lack adequate sanitation. The average life expectancy in Cambodia is estimated to be 59 years.
         The under- five mortality rate is estimated at 83/1000, more than ten times higher than in the USA. Nearly a third of the country lives below the poverty line and almost one third of its children are malnourished.

Our Goal
          At the Future of Khmer Children (FKC) center, our goal is to provide sustainable education services and training opportunities to Cambodian children to give them the best chance for a bright future. With health care education, community support activities and direct aid to families in rural areas we want to improve the living conditions in the rural areas, and help creating a prosperous, peaceful environment for future development.

Future of Khmer Children

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