About Us

The Future of Khmer Children Organization is a non-profit organization in Siem Reap, Cambodia providing supplementary education and job skills for children, youth and their families, as well as providing local community emergency relief when needed.

The organization was registered with the Cambodian government in 2009 by Mrs. Leng Chantheany. Although she had a secure job with a hotel and restaurant, Theany left her security to serve the needs of poor children and families in her Siem Reap Province.

She herself came from a childhood under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Her parents were separated because of the war and although she longed for an education, she just couldn’t get it as her mother cared for the seven girls and one boy of the family.  Finally, after the war she was able to get a little education here and there until she was able to complete her final year of high school.

As her life became stable she wanted to do more for the children of Cambodia, so they wouldn’t have to experience the same difficulties she did as a child. She started small and it grew step-by-step.


Our Focus and Activities:  Children, youth, vulnerable women and community development

The school now serves more than 450 children in a city school and village school.  We offer after-school education in English, math, computer, music and dance for kindergarten through Grade 6.  Computer is also taught to teenagers and young adults.  There is a specific focus on teaching the Auto-Cad Program to give specific skills in architectural design, which will provide gainful employment for youth.

Theany knows that education is door that opens the future to a Cambodian child.  The organization seeks sponsors for children to stay in school – USD$50 per month.

FKC also provides skills training to the mothers, such as sewing and Khmer and English language.  Theany and her staff meet weekly with women whose children attend the school, as well as community women, to teach them about human rights, self-respect and self-confidence and family matters.  Our organization reaches out with emergency food and supplies as needed and job leads to the youth.


You can change a life, change a family and perhaps change a generation

There are many humanitarian organizations which you can support in the world.  Future of Khmer Children is an open, transparent organization that is making a difference in the lives of Cambodian youth and families.

We invite you to get behind this cause by donating to support a child to stay in school, or support a mother to learn a skill, or support a youth to learn computer, or support a Cambodian teacher who is on the front lines of preparing a better future for Cambodian youth.

You can make donations or contact us by viewing the details on our website and Facebook Page.  Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity.

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