Women and Young Girls Empowerment

Focus on Female Youth and Adult Women

During 2021 we added a new program to support the education of our students – female youth and adult women.  The reason for this is because many of the poorest households in Cambodia are single mothers.  Cambodian women are responsible and have great influence in the family and the future of the children.  We felt the need to empower the adult women, then the female youth as a means of supporting our work with the children.

Our goal for this project is to accomplish the following:

  1. To build up women’s capabilities of Khmer and English language.
  2. To strengthen the women’s capacity on administrative computers.
  3. To empower women and female youth with the knowledge of their human rights and family’s roles.
  4. To provide sewing skills for homemade crafts for an additional income.

The Problem

Women in Cambodia suffer violence, abuse, neglect and economic lack.  Part of this problem is a mindset about women in society.  Many women stay at home or work in the fields and remain uneducated – not able to read and write their own language.  This sets them up for failure – not only for them, but for the future of their children – the next generation.

A Solution

The solution that FKC is endeavoring to provide focuses on:

  1. To empower the women with confidence-building by understanding their human rights and potential as a woman.
  2. To empower the women with skills as their role as a mother and wife.
  3. To empower the women with the language skills – Khmer and English.
  4. To empower the women with hard skills such as sewing and eventually administrative computer skills for those who have the aptitude.

Four Phases

These phases are approximate and overlap depending on the progress of the women and funding.   New women will be added to the program regularly.

  1. Phase 1/Year 1: Start the Program
  2. Phase 2/Year 2: Focus on General Skills-Building
  3. Phase 3/Year 3: Focus on Specific Skills-Building
  4. Phase 4/Year 4: Job Placement

Year 1/Phase 1 has been started already for a year now.  Working with a minimal budget we have moved forward with weekly meetings with about 25 women whose children are enrolled in our educational program.  The Country Director and Founder, Mrs. Leng Chantheany meets with the women weekly for language, gender, and family focus and the staff of FKC focuses on vocational training.


The results of this program will be the personal empowerment and employment of women in Siem Reap Province which will result in consistent family income and will support the children’s education and future.  Specifically, the women will gain confidence and skills for employment according to their aptitude.


You will see the budget below.  This includes training, support purchase of training materials, sewing machines and computers and partial staff salaries.   Thank you for considering partial or full support of any parts of these projects and perhaps you know others who would like to join together to make it happen.


  1. Weekly Meetings at two locations (8x per month) USD$2,465 annually
  2. Medical checkups USD$1,065 annually
  3. Emergency Food Distribution USD$1,265 annually
  4. Community Outreach by the women to other women USD$365 annually
  5. Transportation to and from worksites USD$265 annually
  6. Education supplies for 30 women USD$515 annually
  7. 1 Full-time staff USD$4,265 annually
  8. 1 Part-time staff USD$2,225 annually
  9. Two computers USD$965 one-off purchase
  10. Three sewing machines USD$915 one-off purchase
  11. Main Office General Administration costs USD$265 annually

Grand Total Budget:  1 Year                                                     USD$14,575

Thank you for considering full or partial sponsorship of this budget.  Please contact us for any questions or further information. 

Leng Chantheany                                                             

Tel:  +855-12-273-239                                                         

Facebook:  Future of Khmer Children                          

Website:  https://www.khmerchild.co/                        https://charlesedwardmccaul. wordpress.com/

Telegram:  +855-12-273-239                                         

What’s App:  +855-12-273-239                                       

Email:  chantheany.leng.yahoo.com

For more detailed information on the needs, processes or line-items for budget please contact us.

Thank you for considering a life-changing partnership with Future of Khmer Children Organization.



Teacher Theavy assisting in the Women’s Program
Learning how to read and write the Khmer Language!
Taking their language test.
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