Educating Children at Risk in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Cambodian Children are at risk.  While the situation has improved since 1993 when they had their elections and established a new constitution, nevertheless, children are still at a great risk of poverty, sickness and exploitation.

The problem is Cambodian youth drop out of school.  We’ve known this experientially for many years, but a recent report it says this:

–  72% of 15-year old students studying Grades 7-12 have dropped out of school or delayed their education.

–  40% of Cambodian students, particularly among boys, are one or more years behind in school – this is the major factor in school dropouts.

–  29.1 % of 15-year old students have repeated at least one grade – again, the leading factor for dropping out.

–  Only 8% of Cambodian students achieved a minimum proficiency level or higher in reading.

–  10% in math are at a minimum competency level and studies have found they cannot apply what they learn to everyday life

–  5% in science (same as math)

–  90% of Cambodian students are below basic competency levels in. all subjects

–  Average classroom size is 45 students

–  However, 94% of 15-year old students want to go to school and learn

MoEYS (2018). Education in Cambodia: Findings from Cambodia’s experience in PISA for Development.

Supporting children to stay in school and providing after school education and tutoring can be a major factor to save a child, save a family, save a village and save a nation.


Education is our primary focus at FKC.  We provide after school education, focusing on English, and computer skills, as well as Khmer Dance, Music and AUTO-cad Architectural Design classes.  All of our classes are free to at-risk Cambodian youth.

We have two schools in Siem Reap Province.  One in a low-income area in Siem Reap City and one in a low-income area, Nokor Krao, near Angkor Wat.  During the 4th quarter of 2021, as Covid-19 was loosening it’s grip on Cambodia we served almost 450 children, Kindergarten – 6th grade at our two schools.  In addition to that more than 160 students studied administrative computer, AUTO-cad computer, Handicrafts, music and Khmer Performance Dance.

We also had almost 40 women involved in literacy classes, sewing, life skills and English and French language.

Current Needs: 

  • LCD Projectors for each classroom
  • Air-conditioning for certain classrooms
  • Donations to purchase reading books in English and Khmer (purchased in Cambodia)
  • Sponsorship of our excellent and faithful teachers

If you are interested in sponsoring any part of this program please contact us.  One of the most important parts is sponsorship of teachers.  You can have the opportunity to sponsor a teacher who will have a positive impact on hundreds of lives during the course of the year.  

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