Our program embraces both general education and vocational training. The children and young adults have the opportunity to learn and develop valuable life skills through a number of activities including English, Computer Training, Sports, Food Support and Health Care. They can also study traditional dance and music performance, handicraft design, dressmaking and sewing.   There is also the possibility to sponsor a child (Education Sponsorship) English language classes Cambodia is a developing country and English is becoming an essential skill to have when applying for jobs or higher education. We run five English language classes in the morning and afternoon to provide students with the opportunity to learn and improve their English. Currently we have 11 English classes in total throughout the day with students ranging in age from 4 to 22 years old. Nokor Krao Village School In August 2014 FKC commenced free English education classes in the village of Nokor Krao.Two classrooms have been constructed thanks to donations from around the globe, and the school caters to 224 children per day.The demand from students wanting to attend Nokor Krao far exceeds current facilities. The hope is to expand Nokor Krao by building three new classrooms, one would be a computer room and there would be two additional classrooms to accommodate the numbers wanting to attend classes. The construction of the new buildings, and the development of the education program in the local community relies totally on donations. If you would like to play a role in supporting the education program and improving the lives of Cambodia’s children…who are the future, please refer to our donation page, or contact FKC directly


Computer Skills Ten laptops were donated in December 2011 , and a new computer training  course commenced in February 2012. FKC now has an IT teacher who teaches students four hours a day. Students wanting to increase their computer skills often attend the school on weekends to gain further  computer experience. In the past we provided this service to several students as a three months program. The students who completed their courses were able to find better jobs and a higher quality improvement in their career. Having acquired the services of a professional teacher, the students are now provided with MS Office, Adobe Suite and Using the Internet lessons. They now run in 4 month sessions and students who pass receive a certificate of completion.     

At  FKC, there are 2 different courses of computer skill that’ve been provide the skill for student for their life work such as

Administrative Computer: 
This course will explore uses of technology within education.  Class meetings will include a balance of content instruction, demonstration and student application appropriate for educators of all subject areas start from grade II.  Read more

Transportation support

Senior staff will identify those children admitted to FKC School who lack the financial resource to return to their homes. Using a standardized assessment form to determine transportation costs to rural areas, the poorest of families will be given financial or other support to ensure their children can study here. Supplementary Khmer Education Many of the children in our program come from backgrounds where they have had limited or no access to education. To overcome this gap, our teachers run additional lessons in mathematics, science and other subjects for the children.

Future of Khmer Children

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