Fund our sewing class

As well as our school education we feel vocational education is key to helping the future Khmer generation find work. One of our vocational courses is our textiles, sewing and tailoring class where students learn how to make different clothes and products to sell. We had a number of machines and equipment donated when we first set-up but we need a few extra to help with our teaching.

Here is a breakdown of what we are after exactly, with the cost to buy it in Cambodia. If you are able to send it otherwise, we would always welcome the donation. To set-up a donation click here.


Item Description Unit cost Quantity needed Total cost
Fabric scissors Large scissors for cutting fabric $4.00 5 $20.00
Fabric 1m squared white material for shirts $2.00 200 $400.00
Fabric 1m squared green material for shorts $2.00 100 $200.00
Needle Box of sewing needles $4.50 3 $13.50
Pin Box of pins $2.00 5 $10.00
Seam machine A machine for sewing seams into garments $280.00 1 $280.00
Sewing machine A machine for manufacturing the uniforms $160.00 3 $480.00
Metre stick Wooden ruler for measuring $0.50 10 $5.00
Steam iron For ironing material $40.00 3 $120.00
Zipper Box of zippers $1.50 30 $45.00
Buttonhole machine A machine for making button holes $140.00 1 $140.00
Elastic braids band Box of elastic braids/bands for skirt/trouser elastic waist $3.00 10 $30.00
Grandtotal $1,743.50
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