Our projects

Future of Khmer Children Organization

currently delivers services to provide educational opportunities and better living standards for Cambodian children and their families.

We concentrate our activities in four different project areas:

  • Educating Children-at-Risk

    Our program embraces both general education and vocational training. The children and young adults have the opportunity to learn and develop valuable life skills through a number of activities including English, Computer Training, Sports, Food Support and Health Care. They can also study traditional dance and music performance, handicraft design … Read more

  • Women and Young Girls Empowerment

    FKC provides weekly training for women and young girls in the areas of hygiene, morality, language (English and Khmer), and family relationships. Read more

  • Community Support

    The community support program focuses on providing communities with the essentials needed to survive, such as water wells, water purifiers, house repairs and emergency food supplies, as well as family guidance. Read more

  • Vocational Training

    Through our work we understand that every student is different, and where some may thrive academically, others may prefer more vocational subjects. The one thing they all have in common is they are willing to work hard to enjoy a bright future. Therefore we are developing vocational routes … Read more

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