Vocational Training

Through our work we understand that every student is different, and where some may thrive academically, others may prefer more vocational subjects. The one thing they all have in common is they are willing to work hard to enjoy a bright future. Therefore we are developing vocational routes, with our first being a sewing course, since high quality training in trades in Cambodia is almost non existent, but is desperately needed and in high demand.

FKC is now expanding the IT program with the donation of new computers for the second computer room. The new program will continue on from the introductory course with the intention of developing IT skills for possible future employment in the area of web design and development, printing and establishing sound IT knowledge and experience.

With the skills learnt from the sewing classes a shop will be opened on site selling the clothes and crafts made by the students.


The Future of Khmer Children training centre is a vocational facility which provides skills and training to disadvantaged young Khmer girls and women. The training centre provides a ten month sewing training course.

During the ten month course the students are not only taught sewing skills but also attend daily English classes and other language to develop basic life skills. During the initial stages of operation, the centre soon realized that many students were unable to even read and write Khmer script; therefore this subject is now an essential precursor to learning English.

Upon graduation from the program each student is provided with a sewing machine and start-up kit of materials so they may return to their village and start their own business- thereby being able to build a brighter future and support themselves and their families.


We have a strong dance and music programme that provides the opportunity for young adults to participate in Apsara dance shows or concerts that provide them and the organisation with income. Thanks to generous donations we currently have a couple of musical instruments which we teach the students to use and quite often they teach themselves! We employ one dance teacher to teach the dance students and have made our own costumes.

Unfortunately, in 2017  the large amount of instruments and the materials are getting older cause damaged to allow the students learning with enough tools in class.

We still need to buy the professional costumes since we currently rent when putting on professional shows, so if you’d like to make this dream a reality visit our Donations page or contact with us on  Contact Us page to  direct the any more information.

We are also currently looking for a music teacher to come and volunteer, so if that’s you please visit our Volunteering page for more information.

We hope to develop more vocational routes including  farming, hospitality, building and mechanics. We are looking for volunteers with a vested interested in one of these areas to help us set-up and establish a social enterprise too. Visit our Volunteering page for more information.

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