Community Support

DSCN9985 (2)Water Wells and Filters

One project of the community support program focuses on providing communities with the essentials needed to survive. Fresh water is a basic necessity.  Without it, the mortality of the children  in the outlying villages diminishes dramatically.  We understand that  this most basic need is crucial to the vision we strive for in creating a better future for each Cambodian child.
              Part of our work involves scouting for areas within the outlying villages that are in the greatest need of fresh water. After quality control testing, we use local equipment to dig and install a number of wells each year. For the cost of around $400  a water well can be installed and water filter provided so villagers receive a source of fresh and clean water. We also provide them with seeds and information  about growing their own crops, either for food or to sell at the market for income.

The family will have long-term gratitude toward the donor.  We will also make a special plaque commemorating the donor or ‘in memory” of someone.  Perhaps you can sponsor one or more water wells or you know others who can join together to sponsor several wells.  

Repairing Homes 

The families FKC serves are poor.  The children are at risk.  It is common for them to be living in a sub-standard house – sometimes with no running water, no toilet and a run-down structure.  We have had the opportunity many times to help repair roofs, walls and floors and provide basic supplies for inside the house such as a small cooking stove, chairs and cabinets.  We would be happy to put you on the list of potential donors when a need like this arises. 

Thank you so much for considering sponsoring this need.  If you would like to sponsor a water well and water filter, of if you would like to sponsor the repairing of a house or sponsor emergency food to a family please contact us. 

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