The Computer Class have been designed to serve for learners to use computer that donated by Chinese donors to provide the computer skill for FKC student to learn and practice for the valuable program as administrative tasks, train, challenge, fun and learn and until now there were more desktops for additional amount of computers for running in class which can engage more students to study and can practice in center. 

At  FKC, there are 2 different courses of computer skill have been provide the skill for student for their life work such as:

Administrative Computer


The students at our school are strongly of administrative computing work basic to the technological world trend.


To provide them the valuable program for administrative tasks; train; challenge; fun and learn.

 Course description

This course will explore uses of technology within education.  Class meetings will include a balance of content instruction, demonstration and student application appropriate for educators of all subject areas start from grade II.  Students will witness troubleshooting scenarios and practice technology problem solving skills.  Students will have daily assessments to determine skill mastery based on presentation of educational practices enhanced by the use of their own techniques. By nowadays the work really needs the administrative skill for labour or personal career. With these courses we designed and presented them for trending of working in the future to know, confident, and encourage to working hard with this.

Microsoft Word: This course provides an overview to the popular Microsoft Word Processing Software package. The course begins with the basic introduction to Microsoft Word, progress to intermediate-level topics, and finish with more advanced skills of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel: This course provides an overview of Microsoft Excel. In this students learn how to create, edit, save, and retrieve spreadsheets for classroom usage.

 Microsoft Power Point: This course provides an overview of PowerPoint. In this hands-on course, participants will learn to create and work with presentations that will enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

Microsoft Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a graphics designing application software, in which learners can edit photos, create art, retouch product photos, images from raster to vector, photo manipulation and many etc. that learner can do in the Adobe Photoshop easily and creatively.

 Computer Auto-Cad Design


The students will have a better future career after they are finished these courses with the abilities to apply for a job.


The teacher with capacity to train the students in valuable lesson which need to at worksite nowadays as Architecture work and Building Structure designing; we have the projects for student and monthly test to measure the students’ qualities.

 Course Description

According to an employment in the currently day of people with the entity’s need. We met the market really need the professional skills. With the reason of developing building in this distant we want to provide them with the skill that may help them better to achieve an employment. For this profession can be appeared only at the university only. In the meant time, we deal with the really initial course to our labour people. The four main skills to cultivate them are as bellow:

Technical Design            

The learners could perceive the basic draft of structure, the definition of structure of designing, they know how to set up the line of building and the other line related to the course and  together they practice to design the some shapes by computer was set by teacher, in case could be help them more comprehension.

AutoCAD Design            

In this section the aim of the course attendees could surf to more clearly with the program. The elementary of start they could use Commands Tools, the technique how to draw basic of flats, apartments, villa and how to prepare the building structure in layout tool for printing. AutoCAD software provides the design and the shape for the products that needs to be created. It provides flexible and user friendly features with the tools to design the applications and document the workflows. This involves aggregate and import models for the formats and usually allows the design to get created without any change in source model. It provides tools to provide the formats by detailed designing the layouts and drawings using the views automatically. It also has the provision to create detailed design layouts and views can be drawn automatically using the source model.

Sketch-up Program

Sketch-up is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. In the subject we aim the student could be able to set up 3D will be surely possible to check after 2D, after it done. All these are the points to stimulate the capacity of students; they could run in to the employment.

Unfortunately some of computers have got much issue and  the accessories in class not enough for working on the program which not fully activities for the class doesn’t  running well. 








Future of Khmer Children

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