To find a job in the 21st century that will support a youth, adult and his/her family, one must know how to use a computer.  This will include basic typing in Khmer and English, knowledge of a word-processing app, basic spreadsheet, Power Point, Email and internet search and other helpful apps that can be directly applied to a job in an office.

At  FKC, we offer two different computer courses for students:

Administrative Computer


The students at our school will have basic knowledge of how to use a computer in an office environment.


To provide these skills in a loving, fun atmosphere by trained teachers.

 Course description

This course will provide hands-on skills of basic computer technology in Khmer and English that will give the student marketable job skills and confidence to work in an office environment.  Students will show competency in specific skills and have assessments to rate those skills.

Microsoft Word: This course provides an overview to the popular Microsoft Word Processing Software package. The course begins with the basic introduction to Microsoft Word, progresses to intermediate-level topics, and finishes with more advanced skills in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel: This course provides an overview of Microsoft Excel. Students learn how to create, edit, save, and retrieve spreadsheets for classroom and office usage.

 Microsoft Power Point: This course provides an overview of PowerPoint. In this hands-on course, participants will learn to create and work with presentations that will enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and office.

Microsoft Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a graphics designing application software, in which learners can edit photos, create art, retouch product photos and images which can be used in advertising and in-house publications.

Current Needs:

  • 12 desktop or laptop computers to be placed at our two schools.
  • 2 printers, one for each school.
  • Desks, tables and chairs for our Nokor Krao School.

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